Online Membership Guidelines


Our club is as great as it is because of the many people who volunteer to help.  So, thanks to all of you for continuing to be involved in a variety of ways for the benefit of our club and its members.  Membership in our club for the season continues to be free (thanks to the annual Steve Judy pickleball tournament) but we need each and every one of you to resign in and update your info if necessary.  If you were a member or not last year, the online membership is easy to do.  Just follow these instructions:

Key points to note on this season’s memberships for all members:

  • Every member must re-register each season, either by paper or online registration, as outlined below. (but not both)
  • Members wishing to exclude their email from the membership, need to fill out a paper registration.
  • Online registration is easier every season, as last season’s information is refreshed automatically.
  • Last season online account is retained, a new account is not required, password is the same as last season.
  • A forgotten password can easily be reset to a new password.
  • If you have never registered before, you will need to create an online account to register.
  • Double check the registration information, edit or add any additional information.  **Gender is important for gender specific emails on events through the season.
  • Membership fee is volunteering for helping and ensures our club never charges a membership fee.
  • To complete the registration process the ‘SUBMIT’ button must be clicked, if the submit button is not clicked the registration fails to go anywhere. 
  • Open a internet web browser at  (web link is case sensitive!)
  • If you remember your email & password, log into the memberships system.  If you fail to remember your password, click the ‘Reset Password’ button to get a temporary password.  **Check your junk/spam email if you fail to get a temporary password to your email
  • Once logged in, the system should present your last season’s information.
  • Add, edit or confirm any or all of the information.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button to confirm your registration.
  • If a second membership exists under the same email, the second membership record will appear.
  • Feel free to update any of the information during the season, with this same process. Thank you for registering your 2021-2022 membership.

Any questions or issues, please send an email to